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Confessions from a VPI owner of some 30 years
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Proportion of expenses
The most important aspect is to tell your wife that the cost is no more than 50% of what it actually is.  If you can get away with 10% she's a keeper. 
Reel to Reel uses -
There are many ways to enjoy reel to reel. I have number of machines and like to play them all. I try to support all those who are releasing reel tapes today - they are all 15 ips and run from those releasing their own recent recordings as well as... 
Newbie, old timer or returned to analog?
I never really gave up on vinyl.  I clearly moved to digital in the 80's but I never sold my LP's or didn't have a tt in my system.  I will admit that the tt often had piles of CD's sitting on top of it.  When I upgraded my system I bought a new t... 
Things Have Changed
So the question is whether this means that this is becoming the popular option or are people moving on. 
Quality system, make poor recordings sound better?
This makes sense. The better resolution your system has the more detail you will hear - good or bad. If your system has certain character such as overall warmness it may help a marginal recording but there's only so much it can do. Garbage in, gar... 
Any Pono player owners out there?
I'm in for one through the kick starter campaign but I don't have it yet. I believe the only people who have one so far got theirs handed to them by Neil at a high roller dinner. 
Help ripping a single SACD?
Just wondering, did that guy get back to you?Bruce in PA