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Which integrated amp for rock/metal (and why McIntosh?)
All of those are top-notch, and very powerful amplifiers. I think you’ll be happy with any of them. When it comes to shipping glass-front McIntosh amps, specific requirements apply and they are ably described in the following PDF guide: http://034... 
Relatively small speaker with a "big" performance: Role Audio Starship SE model
the disappearing act of a two monitor What does this phrase mean?  
Audio Clubs - Charlotte, NC, Lake Norman Area, Mooresville, NC
Are there any active audio clues in the Charlotte NC area? No clue here sorry 
How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs)
You people live in a world where neighborhood teenagers will help with menial tasks for $10 or $20?  Wow.   
A real "wake up call" available to most....High End Audio vs. Mainstream......
The Road Less Traveled is a great poem. If you read it closely, it is about delusion Speaking of, did you even read the OP?  
Is ebay feedback worth anything on Audiogon?
Necro thread, but FWIW it's no longer 1995 or even 2005 and none of us was born yesterday.   So if someone can't point to a track record *somewhere* I tend to look askance.   
2020 quest for stereo amp with DAC for about 1000 USD
I think you'd be very happy with the Cambridge and if you wanted to save real money you can get the model it replaced (CXA60) and quite possibly be just as happy, plus a little bit richer.   
Guidance on Speaker Wire
My biggest issue is I have long runs from my amps to the speakers at approximately 60 feet each. Your listening space is over 120 feet long? This I’ve got to see. Post a photo! I’d use a custom fabricator btw. Most will work on special order. PM ... 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
As soon as you said "intimate" I thought "Harbeth" -- it may be the one thing they do best. And there are stands and then there are stands. Some you’ll like more than others.  FYI, I have dozens of floorstanders and none sound as good as my Harbet... 
McIntosh, your experience?
It's been 25 years at least since McIntosh got its speaker expertise in hand.  The stereotype about that is way outdated.  Similarly with the tube vs SS comparison.  Late-model Mac SS amps deliver a faultless and extraordinarily accurate sound.  A... 
Hahahahahahahaha WHAT ARE THE ODDS???
Finally, a story that breaks the endless pattern of Et Cetera.  
Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....
Tend to agree with Sunmoon upthread who says ribbons or AMTs might be in your future.  Modestly sized towers with ribbon tweets convinced me that I don't need Maggies to get most of what Maggies deliver, along with a couple of good things they're ... 
bigger posts=better sound?
Mass aside, my investigations have taught me that contact area is important.  This is very much a function of the connectors you use as well as the configuration of the binding posts themselves.  It's why I prefer spades.   
Multi-room streamer (alternative to Sonos)
Seems like 'Chromecast Audio' would suit your needs, and it's very inexpensive.  A minor detail is that it's not being produced any more, but you can find them (even new) on the usual sites.  A bonus for tweakers is that if you don't like the onbo... 
I've Just Learned What Amplfier Bias Is...
What the heck did I just read? Certain threads really need a warning tag of some kind.