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RIP Harvey Fuqua
Yet another serious loss in the world of R&B Group Harmony from the 50s. An outstanding singer with an outstanding group. The best of the best along with (IMHO) the Flamingos, Spaniels and Lee Andrews & The Hearts. Alan Freed had it right ... 
West Chester
Would that be West Chester PA ??? 
LCD HD TV Picture Quality Lacking
The cable source in both cases is adding an extra layer of confusion. Connecting an antenna to each set should allow you to determine what is going on. A new HD TV should simply not deviate that much in any of its adjustments to account for what y... 
Review: Fried Products FRIED Studio 7 Speaker
Your experience with the new series of Fried Speakers has me interested once again. I gave up before because Fried dealers seem to be few and far between. I was reluctant to visit the dealer identified by Fried as being nearest to me because of th... 
"best" version for "Toccata and Fugue D minor?
I stick with classic performances from the LP days, such as, E Power Biggs on Columbia and Karl Richter on DGG. Both have been released on CD also. If pressed for picking only one, I would pick the Karl Richter for slightly more impressive sound. 
Rega planar 3 bearing and oil
My Rega 3 does happen to need oil.Can I ask you where does one obtain castrol hypoid gear oil?Thanks. 
VSA VR4 Gen III SE biamp questions.
You are right to finger the ss amp. In my humble view, one loses much more overall than one gains in bass tightness with a ss amp. With just a little more tube power, you won't even remember what is was about the ss sound that you liked. I achieve... 
Best of Home Entertainment 2004 NY ?
The best of the best, sound only, that left a lasting impression, would be:1. Walker turntable/vacuum tube Lamm/Kharma 2. Clearaudio/Rogue/Vandersteen 5A3. Walker turntable/solid state Lamm/Kharma4. dSC/BAT/JM Labs 5. Oracle/VAC/VonSchweikert 4jr ... 
AM/FM Analog Broadcast Future
I don't recall reading ANYWHERE about ANY sunset rules for analog AM and FM radio. The FM station owner may have misunderstood what with all the talk about sunset rules for analog TV in 2006 (which will probably be extended) and the IBOC (In Band ... 
Anybody knowledgeable re reconing drivers
I too recomend Millersound!Bill gave my Fried speakers a new life about two years ago and they are still going strong in my second system. They sound as good as when new or close enough so as not to be able to hear the difference! I need to send m... 
Albertporter only needs 50
Albert -My humble thanks to you, sir.I would like to join in for 4 outlets.