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Help me set up new stereo system
Congratulations on the new system! I had a very similar setup a few months back (Hegel H300, 2012 Mac Mini). The best results I experienced with that setup was running USB to the Mac Mini and a Firewire drive. Amarra was/ still is my preferred pla... 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
Hello Gz,I apologize for recommending something above price range. I am not familiar with the DACs he mentioned and was not aware of their price nor what the OP considers too expensive as it was not stated. Even with those DACs as a frame of refer... 
Power conditioner/surge protection for Hegel H200?
I second the recommendation on the WyWires Power Broker. I have had the Gold version for a while now and it did a fantastic job with the Hegel H300 and is a phenomenal all-around piece. 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
I have been using an Auralic Vega for about 3 months thus far with outstanding results. DSD sounds incredible and PCM is superlative as well. Also, has a Femto clock FWIW. 
Integrateds: $3K, $4.5K or $5K
I have been a happy owner of the Hegel H300 for about 4 months. I won't give superlatives as there are many reviews on the web that do a good job of that. In the 12 months prior, I had owned a Levinson integrated, big Levinson power amp, Simaudio ... 
Burned out hi fi salesman
To preface what I say. I work in a home theater department at a big box retailer. I am a 22 year old college student and have been in this hobby for a little over a year. From the consumer side of things in the town that I live only has a couple o...