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Rives PARC or Tact 2.0 AA for room correction?
Hi Onhwy61Using an EMC CD1 as my primary source. I'm not sure if I'll go back to vinyl, but intend to do so in the future. 
Rives PARC or Tact 2.0 AA for room correction?
Thanks, I am grateful for all for your informative feedback. I'm glad my question has also stirred discussion on an issue that has concerned many.For all practical purposes, it seems like the Rives is the better way to go if I want to preserve a p... 
Burn in power cord by boiling water??
Alternatively try it with someone else's wife, but beware of careless fire from the sparks flying round.... 
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Spider Clamp. Anyone Try?
e-mailed them and like most of you, no reply. At least Lafish can give us an idea of availbility. Is April confirmed and definite? 
Shunyata Anaconda VX or Elrod III?
Both cables are great. Depends on what you need. Anaconda for warmth and musicality. Elrod for transparency. 
Opinions, Classe Omega verse Levinson 333 or 336
Another vote for the Classe. Heard both and found the levinson a little dry and antiseptic, IMO. Classe was more musical. 
Is the Naim AV2 the ultimate in its price range?
Thanks Bora for your helpful comments. Although ideally I would like a Naim pre-amp with a Naim power amp, my needs are for a good processor that does stereo reasonably well. Has anyone paired their naim pre-amps with non-naim power amps? Do you s... 
What's a good amp to pair with SF Grd Piano Home
I use a Classe 301 amp to power my Grand Piano Home. They are an ideal match for jazz, vocals and rock. I think the transparency and smoothness of the Classe, together with the SF's warm laidback signature, make a synergistic combination. 
Any experience w/ Electrocompaniet EC 4.5 preamp?
I own the 4.6 and it matches well with my Classe power amp. Warm, huge soundstage with tremendous, groundbreaking low-end extension. Vocals have a more harmonic signature that can't be matched IMHO. Again I'm refering to the 4.6, a step up from th... 
Sonus faber spkrs- any comments?I
I own the Concertinos, not the Home version. They have a warm and involving presentation that makes them ideal for vocals and jazz. The treble and midrange cannot be beat in their price range. 
Does anyone own the Pass Labs X1 preamp?
Some earlier threads, not sure where I read them, suggest the X1 is a little thin in the mid range. This is not saying that it is not good though, the X1 is extremely transparent and matches well with warm amps (especially Pass) and speakers. I've... 
Best of the Classe amp line??? 200/201 - 400/401?
I own a Classe 301. The 3x1 series (301 or 401) and up are the ones to go for with the improved circuity. The amp is warm, smooth, very creamy with plenty of power reserves. Driven with a good pre, a smooth and effortless signature is the best dis... 
Cable recommendation for Classe-Sonus Faber set up
GooneI'm still keeping the Cardas cables. They have the 'tubey' fullness in sound that I can't be replicated elsewhere. I've tried a mix of Shunyata, Acoustic Zen and Dave Elrod power cords in my system. Would say I'm 75% with the sound I want but... 
Good idea to match Naim pre-amps with other amps?
thanks guys for the reassurances 
Alice and Chains
I don't know how much Layne was a prophet of his own doom. As his lyrics seem to me, death, drugs and isolation were the theme and preoccupation of most of his music. How he died was shocking to me. I mean being found already dead rotting for two ...