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Ideal amp for B&W matrix 800
My system was: Bat VK-51SE preamp, Pass crossover, McIntosh MC2000 for the mid/tweeter, Krell FPB 700cx for the bass and, of course, the B&W Matrix 800's. I have since changed almost everything to Pipedream 18 speakers, Tact 2.2XP preamp (with... 
What did you own in the 60's?
Electrovoice Patrician speakers, Marantz 7C & 8B. and a Thorens TD125 (still have this. I wonder how this would sound today-you don't see many Patricians around these days. 
Ideal amp for B&W matrix 800
I owned these wonderful speakers for many years. You are on the right track getting a high current amp but if you can afford it, get an active electronic crossover (I used a Marchand) and a tube amp so you can bi-amp with the tubes on the mid/twee... 
Accuphase or pass labs
I owned several active electronic crossovers but never an Accuphase. The Pass is fantastic-extremely versatile and great sounding. I highly recommend it. 
Krell FPB400cx coupling capacitors question
There is no minimum-the lower the better. My Bat preamp measured 0.002 Vdc and I haven't had any problems. I would guess anything below 0.01 or so would be fine but I'm not an expert. I talked to Krell about this and they were totally non committal. 
Squeezebox upgrade options for $500-600
Forget all of the mods and get a good DAC. The quality output is going to be limited by a lot of factors you can't control. I've been using the Duet with a good Dac for several months and it sounds very good. 
Krell FPB400cx coupling capacitors question
I have a FPB700cx and used several tube preamps with it. If you're nervous, check the DC output of your preamp with a good (Fluke) multimeter. 
VTL Siefried vs Audio Research 610T
I have a VTL S400 that is similar in design to the Siegfrieds I love it. Like the reviewer from IAR, it completely disappears. I did make one huge improvement. I was lucky enough to find 12 NOS GE 6550's (still had the VTL logo on the them). They ... 
PS Audio PPP owners how do your amps sound
The "dirtier" you electricity is coming into your house the better almost any conditioning will sound. I have fairly "dirty" AC and I replaced my P600 with a PPP and the PPP sounded better-mostly imaging and depth. If your amps are relitvely small... 
Tact XP with 16 bit DACs and biamping
Who told you of the inferior performance of the Tact DAC's. I have a Tact 2.2XP with the optional DAC's which replaced a Levinson 630S DAC with a BAT VK-51SE preamp. I also used a MBL DAC and in both cases the Tact DAC performed as good as, if not... 
Review: Marchand Electronics XM126s Tube Electronic Crossover Tube preamp
I also built a 126 but from scratch. I bought the attenuator and balanced in and out upgrades. The assembly was fairly easy and it worked on first try. I was using a Krell KBX before and I wanted to be able to easily change crossover points. The M... 
Buyer Beware of Late Part 2
Krell FPB-600 for $1500. Sounds like a good deal to me. $12,000 amp for $1500- I can hardly wait. I sure hope that Audiogon can do something-we don't need a Audioweb clone. 
Review: B&W Nautilus800 Speaker
I was using B&W Matrix 800's with the Krell KBX crossover. I bought it all used for about half of a Nautilus 800 pair. I just purchased a pair of Nautilus 800's. The reason I changed had a lot to do with the wife and daughter. Anyway, after ab... 
Best bargain find ever ?
I walked into a pawnshop in Key West, Fl and saw a Marantz 8B in perfect condition -playing. The price tag said $50. I didn't even try to talk the owner down.