Zu + what DAC =Musical Happiness.

As the title suggests I am thinking of upgrading my DAC.  I currently have Zu Druid speakers, Melody el 34 integrated, eastern electric DAC+ being fed Qobuz through Audivarna. There are 2 main reasons for upgrading. First, EE never updated their Mac drivers past Yosemite so I can no longer use my Mac mini and am forced to run via windows work laptop and second while really good I assume the EE can now be bested. I mostly listen to indie rock, pop with some Hawaiian and jazz sprinkled in. So sound quality is not always the best.  Budget is less than 1200 used.  Based on reviews I am currently considering chord qutest and MHDT orchid but I have no experience with either. 
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Congrats on the Zus. I'm a seven years-long owner of Definitions 4, the 2s for 5 years prior to those.

Mr. Zu on this forum, 213Cobra, absolutely loves his MHDT dacs. Pagoda balanced or Atlantis s/e, w some tube rolling. Reach out to him.

On his advice, I'm v likely going Atlantis, w Innuos Zen Mk2 streamer.
Well, off course that's the only way to know for sure. LTA may offer MHDT dacs on trial/sale or return. Qutest should be easy to demo.