ZCable Passion 3X4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Anyone have any info on this cable (version)and what it retailed for? Found nothing on the web.


I had one of the original versions of the Z-cable Passion that I just sold about a year and a half ago.  I personally knew Mark Hampton (the owner and builder of ZCable) and spent many hours at his house listening to his cables.  The original Passion retailed for about $995.  Each subsequent revision of Mark's cables went up in price.  I would say this was probably in the $1500-$1800 category.  I can tell you that the original Passion speaker cable that I had blew away the Transparent Audio Ultra cables that I was using at a fraction of the price.  If someone has a good price on this it is a very good sounding cable with a lot of R&D into it.  Mark started doing what he called "optimization" of his cables and it took these things to the next level.  I honestly think you would have to spend twice as much to get half the cable.


As an FYI, it was called "Passion" because of the purple color of the original cables.  Mark called it Purple Passion for a while.

Thanks for the info, I take that the 3 in 3x4 means its Ver3 and the 4= bi-wire? The color of the braid is dark blue/purple. Do you know if this cable is at a different level then AQ, Cardas, JPS labs? What do you think its worth? Can I send pics? Also, any exp. with ZCable Live IC.


Yes, that is the color of the speaker cable and the 3x4 does mean version 3 bi-wire from what I remember.  The original Passion I purchased from Mark was amazing.  Mark spent a lot of time working on his cables to perfect them.  Unfortunately, he had two strokes and that got him out of the cable business.  He then sold the company to a local couple in Wichita,KS and they renamed it Clarity Cable.  I would say that it is on a completely different level than the cables you mentioned.  As I mentioned I was using Transparent Audio Ultra cabling in my system both interconnects and speaker cables (bi-wire).  When Mark came over to my home and we started putting the cables in my system I was amazed at what I was missing with the Transparent cables.  It was as dramatic as changing each component of my system.  Mark's cables were an amazing bargain.  I sold my Passion speaker cables to a very good friend of mine about a year and a half ago for $400.  The problem is that people have never really heard of them and since Z-cable is no longer a company others may not know the value.  I guess for me I would not pay any more than $500 for them, but they are certainly worth the money.  As well, the ICs I was using there Live V2 which were very good.  All of these cables were cryoed too.  Mark started to cryo cables back in 98-99 or so.



Thank you for the info......I will hang on to these. By chance would you have any ZCable IC. The stuff is hard to find used.