YBA Lecteur CD Special

Category: Digital

This YBA Lecteur CD Special is the progeny of Yves-Bernard Andre not the new YBA China components and you can tell the difference in sound quality. I have had the pleasure of listening to some of the new YBA HiFi stereo line and compared to the France made products they just sound dull and without life.

The Special is the entry level CD player and a simple looking unit with the face functional and attractive, with skip, play, pause, stop and forward cue buttons with a LCD display. It has various programs with repeat and special play modes. Rear panel connections are limited to a single pair of quality analogue outputs. There's no digital output, which could be limiting. However;

Yves-Bernard Andre uses one converter instead of separates! A digital signal composed of bits travels between the read mechanism and the D/A converter. This is a high frequency, low intensity signal. The connecting cable acts like an RC whose resistance and capacitance is dependent on the length. This gives the cable its own impedance characteristics. Therefore, the cable influences the signal with distortions and it can also create a shift in the time domain. Fiber optic cable also possesses these same faults.

How does it sound?
The player performed quite well and sounded full, it was very musical and warm almost tube sounding. It had clarity, depth, transparency, sound stage, Imaging, and separation. It just makes great music! I would not say it is the best performer on the block however when looking for a entry level price budget you can’t go wrong.
Listed below are CDs used for this review:
• Miles Davis – Blue Note
• Norah Jones – Come Away with Me
• Harry Connick, Jr – Blue Light
• Stan Gets – The Jazz Masters
• John Coltrane – Jazz Classics
• Count Basie – Cocktail Hour
• Andrea Bocelli - Andrea Bocelli
• Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift
• Ashton Shepherd – Sounds So Good
• P.Diddy – Press Play
• Usher – Confessions
• My entire music collection of mostly Jazz and Country

The great thing about this player is its price. MSRP $1050.00 in 1997 – I purchased mine two years ago used and if you can find this gem snag one up before it’s gone. Now I want to see the difference between the CD Special and YBA’s CD 1 player!