Yamaha RX-Z7 or DENON AVR-4308ci

Which one would you prefer for HT?
While I have the 4308ci; I have no input on the Yamy piece. I have owned this for almost a year. While there are receivers above and below this level I feel this is a great "mid-level" receiver. I has most of the features and ease of setup and use going on. I do use an outboard amp for the fronts.---Oh, yes, and this runs pretty cool. I had an Onkyo 875 that was a space heater disguised as a receiver.
I assume by now you've made your choice, but the AVR-4308ci is the better way to go. The audio processing is better and so is the video. The 4308 is a beast. I'm authorized dealer, so if you haven't made a purchse yet, send me an email.