yamaha dvd circuit diagram

our s510 has started freezing and then coming up with the "disc error" screen after about 20 minutes of play time, any disc won't play even brand new ones.
it is obviously a temp problem because once you turn it off for a while it is ok and will do it all over again.
faulty electrolytic capacitors on the power board perhaps?

if anyone has any ideas or knows where i can get a circuit diagram for this model it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance
I am having exactly the same problem with my S510 - any help would be greatly appreciated.
more likely a transistor overheating. bring it to a tech or get yourself a can of cooling aerosol spray that you can spray on the transistors (one by one) when problem creeps up. this will cool the transistor(s) down and restore temporary playback. if it ain't that, then it's something else....