xover settings for Avantgarde owners - survey.

Hi - I have been "playing" with different xover settings on my Unos and have found noticable differences in the mids (paricullary voices) at different positions.

I am curious to learn where do Avantgarde usres set the xover cut in the subs. I know this depends on the room size, amps used and even personal taste, at any rate - I am calling those who want to participate in this survey for 15 days and I will personaly post the results at the end of this thread.

Since there are also different Avantgarde versions and subwoofer models (and hoping I am not runing into a big mistake here) I suggest to report the xover setting at clock positions (eg - half way is 12PM).

This apply for all Avantgarde Uno and Duo owners and I will start the data thread - mine is set at 12PM.


My Duo Omegas' SUB225s are set 1/2 click past noon (i.e., just over 140 Hz).

You may find that in practice (with rolloff), that the actual xover point is a bit above the indicated setting.
Snap! I have Duo Omega's with SUB225 - the frequency is set at 140Hz (pos 6 or 12 o'clock).

If the freq is raised then the sound becomes too 'rich' for my taste.

I am using Avantgarde Model 5 and Altmann BYOB amps.
For the UNO, use an indicated setting of 190.

This isn't optional with different rooms...

It's what's needed for the SUB 225 to meet the UNO mid horn at the actual crossover point.

Level may be set to taste, but leave the crossover at around 190.
I too have Duo/225 sub's set at 140HZ. Driving them with an Art Audio PX25.

I've had Duos for six years. After about six months of use I dropped the XO setting from factory default (can't remember what it is, 170 hz, maybe?) to 140 hz and haven't looked back.
UPDATE - I have received many responses to my mail, and just the five above - I will post results as promised - so far it looks like average settings are at 150 Hz (a little lower for DUO owners).


Everyone who's posted above, most of whom I know, have DUOs. 140 for DUOs.

190 for UNOs. Any lower and you'll lose cohesiveness and the sound will be weak in the power response region. As I posted above, 190 is pretty much non-negotiable on the UNOs.

FWIW - I do have a bit of experience with these speakers.
OK guys ' Here are the final results:

Participants 32
UNO owners: 11
DUO owners: 20
Undefined: 1

Average position 185Hz
Average Position UNO owners: 8PM (rounded)
Average Position DUO owners: 6PM (rounded)

I will run the same survey at AA and retrive results here as well.

Thanks all.


Average UNO - 2PM
Average DUO - 12PM

(sorry - it was too early in the morning for me) :)