xlr to rca cables

Good evening' I'd like to know if i should go out and purchase a set of rca to xlr cables since my audible illusions 3a pre amp does not have balance outputs or so it seems.Is it worthit to buy rca to xlr cables. I'm running a sumo andrometer III for the amp. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Having tried both, I think you'd be fine with RCA>XLR adapters.

It takes an incredibly resolving system to reveal any difference, IMO.
I agree with Tvad. There is no audible advantage to be had because you will still be sending your signal through single ended cables. There is a small practical advantage in the locking connection you get with an XLR but that's only on one end.
Musicaudioheaven - I have a set of inexpensive hoso rca to xlr adapters that are not longer necessary. Shoot me an e-mail and I can send them to you. They worked fine for me but then I purchased a dac with xlrs to feed my integrated. Dokosan
I have a pair of rca to xlr cables from anti-cables and they work great. They sound better in my system, but I am pretty sure it is the input I am using not the difference in type of cable.