XLO power cords

Hi all,
I've seen 2 xlo power cords, one green and the other purple. Can I anyone share :
1) what is the difference between the 2
2) is there a sound difference between both
3) is either one better or suited for a particular component
Thks in advance and rgds,
the purple is the reference II type 10a and retail price is $225 for six foot length. This cord is far better than its retail price suggests. Works well with anything I have tried digital, amplifier, preamps.
I use the type 10 in my PC tower with great success. My computer it's much faster even though I use a ONEAC isolation transformer/filter! This cord can be had used for $70-95. I would not recommend it for audio use, it's better to use proper power filtration.
I bought the Reference II Type 10a (purple) expecting to use it on my amp. After trying it everywhere, it ended up in the dac.
The XLO type 10 is a rather neutral cord with excellent filtration characteristics but they affect HF extension. In an average system this might not be noted, but with proper filtration in place it is easy to tell that the cord affects the audio band. That's why it's plugged to my PC tower. It is amazing how it improves speed...