Wyetech, thoughts comments on amp.

I am presently demo'ing a atmosphere m1 amps, and compared to the bryston 7's currently in the system, the atmospheres blow the brystons away. It was like taking a burlap bag off the wilson speakers the minute the m1's were turned on. I was truly a euphoric experience. Since this will be my 3rd amp (hopefully the last). I am going to demo a few others and purchase one in about a month, being somewhat more cautious, since selling used audio at 50% is never that exciting. The name wyetech, cary, wavac, came up as possible considerations. Arc has been ruled out after a demo of them it didn't seem to offer much more than the brysons. A demo of a wyetech amp is possible if driving 5 hours each way and back again is not a problem. Some say it is worth trying. Especially the sales person, who also said atmospheres were built poorly. I live in Phila area. Presently have wison 6 (over priced) speakers. Budget 10k. Any info would be appreciated.
I have a Wyetech Topaz. It is a fabulous amp with the right speakers. As long as your speakers can be driven by 23 watts and has a kind impedence, there isn't much out there that is better. It has great bass power and articulation, and outstanding delineation of instruments and vocals. Unlike other SETs, it is very neutral and natural sounding. Read the TAS review by Scot Markwell, and there are some other comments about it on the internet. I've only heard the Atmosphere M60 Mk2s. They were very good. I'm sure the M1s are very good also. But Atmasphere amps have boo-coo tubes that heat your room and light it up like a nuclear powerplant. The cost of re-tubing must be pretty high.

I've had OTLs in the past. I've always found the in-your-face, crystal clear sound they provide a bit fatiguing after awhile. An exception was the Joule Electra OTL, which is a much more mellow OTL sound. If you like what you are hearing now, stick with it.You probably can't go wrong either way, but I don't think you are going to be able to demo a Wyetech in your system. They are an extremely limited production amplifier (mine is the latest - serial #37 after two years of production). Another consideration would be the Tenor OTLs, if you can find them used. There is (or was) a 15 watter for sale on Audiogon, but I don't think that would drive your speakers. They do make a 75 watt OTL that is supposed to be extremely good. They use fewer tubes than the Atmospheres, and have gotten fabulous reviews.
Try a search here on the WP 6's. Several long threads on amp choices. Don't know you're price range, but the BAT vk75se/150se should be on the list, the Tenors, and maybe a few solid state amps.

What's the rest of your system? digital or analog sources?
If heat and constant biasing is not a problem, then I would stick with the Atmaspheres. I've also owned the Wyetechs and personally(IMHO), I thought they were very honky and nasel in sound. I know I'm going to get blown out for saying this, but it's my experience.The build quality is great on the Wyetechs, but who cares if they don't give you the sound. What your after is both build quality and great sound.I think now that you've heard OTLs you will never be happy with any transformer coupled tube amp. Beleive it or not(from someone who's owned all the amps mentioned and them some)the best amp I've heard recently, is the Aloia. I know solid state, but all solid state(except some McIntosh) is OTL and the inductive power supply on the Aloia does things that no(at any price) other amp can do.And it has all the conviences of solid state, no biasing,low heat,leave on 24 hours(ready to play at a moments notice), no tubes to replace.I've also had many solid state amps before, and the OTLs was the way I was staying. I was convinnced OTL was the answer to all amps, and them someone brought over this little 30 watt solid state amp called Aloia. I have since been scratching my head.Let the flames begin,sorry just calling it like I see(hear)it.
Perhaps you should clarify which Wyetechs you're talking about. Didn't you own the Onyx amps?
The David Berning ZH270 should be on your list. It has plenty of guts, is zero-hysteresis OTL, will drive lower impedences well without an impededance matcher(transformer) like the Atma-Sphere. Sounds great, and will save you a bundle of cash. There are very few tubes since the ZOTL circuit doesn't use rows of tubes for impedance matching, and the tube life is 10-20 years of normal use. The catch is, that Berning has only about 3 dealers, and mostly works factory direct. So it is hard to find one to audition. Do a search in the archives on Berning ZH270, and you'll find lots of lively discussion and comparisons to some pretty high-dollar amps. The ZH270 is about $4500 new.

Yes they were the Onyx.
The Onyx is a whole different amp than the Topaz. Different output tubes, different design, different price. I have heard some negative comments about the Onyx. I didn't here that they were honky, but did hear that they were thin in the midrange and somewhat sterile sounding. Anyway, I'm not here to flame anybody about their opinions. I appreciate all comments of experiences with different equipment as long as they were done ernestly. And I've never known you to post otherwise. It's only through varied opinions that one can fairly judge what might be best for them. You may want to say what your system was at the time. That way we can all know what to avoid when system matching.
Thanks for the input
Thanks for the input, I am interesting in demo of the topaz amp. and have a demo of Atmasphere m1 most recent model.

could you post your thoughts on these amps after you audition them???
Re: glreno's comments re OTL amps, The atmasphere is crystal clear and is a bit fatigueing and in your face. This statement made after having the amp for 6 days and listening about 2 hours a day. I think the interconnects and speaker cables, transparent ultra xl, are partially to blame. I had some older lower end cardis interconncts around. Trying them in gave a surprizingly different sound. (I never thought wire would make that much difference) I can't say that the cardis was better. It was much less revealing and more mellow. Unfortunately it didn't give the crisp highs, but it was also not as forward a soundatage. There is a real good posibility that there is a perfect match that will balance the OTL to the rest of any system. I also would like to here more about the berning zh 270, and appreciate the suggestion from TW.
The good news is that the wytech topaz is in the mail for demo and from the few comments I received it sounds like this may be a great amp. The shiping for the amp paid by myself from a NY dealer. I think in the past this amp was only available direct. It is now available from 2 dealer in US one in CA and one in NY. The bad news is more money will most likely have to be spent to get a matching preamp.
The final combo is a Atma sphere ma 2 and mp 1 preamp, I think the wytech amp was excellent, it was however slightly less open sounding, and certainaly not enough power to drive watt puppy 6's, the preamp mp 1 replaced my ARC ref 2 mark 2 ( lost quite a few bucks selling it after only 3 months.)There was simply no comparison between the ARC and Atma sphere mp1, the atma sphere is just stunning.
I would like some day to demo a pair of coincident speakers in my system, and possibly some different interconncts and speaker wire.
system now Wilson wp 6's, atma sphere ma 2 mark 2, mp-1 pre, electrocomanient cd player, transparent ultra xl interconnects and speaker wire.

ANY constructive comments re my equipt will be appreciated.
Eralff have you talked to Coby at Hi Fi Logic in NJ? He has all Coincident speakers running with Atma sphere amp. Also the full line of Coincident cable.
I have tried several times to try to get up there, he was to one that origionally told me about coincident.