Would this be an upgrade? Cary MB 500 to Conrad Johnson LP140M


I currently have Cary MB 500 mono blocks. I am thinking of changing amps. Is anyone familiar with  Conrad Johnson LP 140M Mono Blocks? Would this be considered an upgrade or simply a different sound? I would be giving up power 1000 WPC int 4 ohms to 140 Watts of tube power with The CJ's.

My current system; Speakers - Sonus Faber Elipsa SE, Pre Amp -  Conrad Johnson ET3SE, Source - Project Extension 12 with a Sumiko Celebration 2 Cartridge, Audio Research PH7 Phono Pre Amp, Speaker Wires and interconnects Audience Au 24E.

If not the amp any suggestions on my next upgrade?

Any input would be appreciated.
CJ would be an excellent choice. I have a CJ 140 wpc Premier140 amp which puts out 140 wpc, and it is more power than you will ever need, anyway. Good luck!