World's BEST ac outlets.......Maestro outlets

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Over the years I have tried most of the raved outlets on the market and the Porter Ports from Albert Porter were the best that I had found that did not add or take way from the music... here's a few, Oyaide R1, Synergistic Research Telsaplex, FIM 880, WattGate Silver 381 ag, PS Audio powerport premier, Jena Labs, Isoclean Gold. All these other outlets did something to harm the music in some way...some hyped up the highs and mids and others had bloated low ends. I always thought the Porter Ports were the best on the market that I had tried until I tried the Maestro outlets. The Maestro outlets are the most neutral and most accurate outlets that I have ever heard. I let the maestro outlets settle-in a little for 7 full days and nights playing music non-stop before comparing them with my porter ports. When I compared the two I found that the porter ports sounded a little closed-in and a little Flat sounding when compared to the maestro outlets. The porter ports was not as clean or as clear when compared to the maestro outlets. The porter ports low end was a little bloated too when compared to the maestro outlets. On complex musical passages with the porter ports in my system I found myself turning the volume down more...much more! When I was listening to music with the maestro outlets in my system the Trasparency of these outlets were truely amazing and I hope this will get even better as these outlets settle-in more! The soundstage was wider and deeper and they were more upper frequency air too when compared to the porter ports. The Maestro outlets had a lower noise floor that allowed more of the suble cues to come through more. The maestro outlets also had a better separation of individual instruments and vocals....more natural sounding more REAL! I think the non-plated maestro outlets have a much more direct sound than the non-plated porter ports because the Maestro outlets have a higher quality copper content. My vintage sansui sp-5500 horn speakers just completely disappears now with these maestro outlets in my entry level system...Marantz pm-7001 and matching marantz CD player, DH Labs power plus power cables, very cheap copper interconnects from wal-mart, Synergistic Research Alpha quad active speaker cables... I think these maestro outlets will become an Instant Classic!
There is one outlet that the Maestro should be compared to. The new Furutech GTX pure copper outlet.

My past experiences with using pure copper AC/IEC connectors for power cables have been a noticable jump in naturalness. You soon realise all gold/silver/rhodium plating has an artificial-ness about them.

Im not sure what the longevity is with using pure/red copper, but Furutech may have found a way to get high copper content and yet not have the problems with oxidation or softness.
Agisthos, high copper content is quality brass, which is what is in the Hubbell 5362.
I recently installed a Maestro outlet and there was a perceptible improvement in sound quality. I have no idea why it would make any difference, especially in light of the fact that the outlet it replaced was also a "special" outlet -- a Synergistic Research Teslaplex. I assume the answer is Magic, but that is another thread. Anyway, I have a question...

I seem to recall reading in a couple places that magnetic backstraps were a no no. The Teslaplex has a magnetic backstrap, so I used that to "justify" ordering the Maestro. Justify to myself, not The Wife. I spare her the discomfort of these decisions. Yes, I know it's thoughtful of me. Anyway...

A week later, the Maestro arrived, shiny and new. When The Wife asked, "What's that?" I believe I said, "I have no idea. The mailman brought it." She left me gazing romantically at my new outlet, when an idea found its way into my head. I reached into my desk and found the very same magnet that had condemned the Teslaplex to the Drawer of Forgotten Toys. I decided to celebrate the Maestro's arrival by holding the magnet to its backstrap, and... it stuck.

The Maestro also has a magnetic backstrap. Hmm.

If it's any consolation, the new Teslaplex SE dose not have a magnetic back strap. Thanks to your input (and others) I began experiments with not magnetic materials in the construction of the Teslaplex and found this made a substantial improvement.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.
........the other effect these outlets have had is... recordings that I've once put in a category of too compressed to ever listen to again, ( Aimee Mann "Charmer")are now very listenable! ??? I just can't figure this out!