World's BEST ac outlets.......Maestro outlets

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Over the years I have tried most of the raved outlets on the market and the Porter Ports from Albert Porter were the best that I had found that did not add or take way from the music... here's a few, Oyaide R1, Synergistic Research Telsaplex, FIM 880, WattGate Silver 381 ag, PS Audio powerport premier, Jena Labs, Isoclean Gold. All these other outlets did something to harm the music in some way...some hyped up the highs and mids and others had bloated low ends. I always thought the Porter Ports were the best on the market that I had tried until I tried the Maestro outlets. The Maestro outlets are the most neutral and most accurate outlets that I have ever heard. I let the maestro outlets settle-in a little for 7 full days and nights playing music non-stop before comparing them with my porter ports. When I compared the two I found that the porter ports sounded a little closed-in and a little Flat sounding when compared to the maestro outlets. The porter ports was not as clean or as clear when compared to the maestro outlets. The porter ports low end was a little bloated too when compared to the maestro outlets. On complex musical passages with the porter ports in my system I found myself turning the volume down more...much more! When I was listening to music with the maestro outlets in my system the Trasparency of these outlets were truely amazing and I hope this will get even better as these outlets settle-in more! The soundstage was wider and deeper and they were more upper frequency air too when compared to the porter ports. The Maestro outlets had a lower noise floor that allowed more of the suble cues to come through more. The maestro outlets also had a better separation of individual instruments and vocals....more natural sounding more REAL! I think the non-plated maestro outlets have a much more direct sound than the non-plated porter ports because the Maestro outlets have a higher quality copper content. My vintage sansui sp-5500 horn speakers just completely disappears now with these maestro outlets in my entry level system...Marantz pm-7001 and matching marantz CD player, DH Labs power plus power cables, very cheap copper interconnects from wal-mart, Synergistic Research Alpha quad active speaker cables... I think these maestro outlets will become an Instant Classic!
You can get these maestro outlets at
Thanks for sharing your findings. That's a bunch of high end outlets you've been through. Nice to know the Maestro is less expensive than most of them.
Thanks for the total picture, I know reviews of outlets take a lot of time and patients to write.
Much appreciated :-)!
Yes Lak it does take a lot of time. I thought because the cryod maestro and cryod porter ports were both non-plated outlets that they would not be much of a difference at all but the maestro outlets were clearly superior.
Hifisoundguy, I have a couple FIM 880; had them for years. The issue in my various systems has been
lack of upper end clarity and transparency
lack of resolution
lack of firmness in the bass

What was your experience with the 880?

Foster_9 I don't remember now, I try out those FIM 880's about 6 years ago. I compared them to my porter ports for about 3 weeks and then I sent them back. I compared all these outlets like this always going back to the porter ports as having the most neutral sound until I tried the maestro outlets
These outlets are great with video too. My pioneer krp-500m plasma has never looked better! Very sharp picture...very vivid tones look more natural looking.The whole picture looks so film-like and so clear that it looks like your looking through a window now!
I did put one of these maestro outlets inside my monster power hts-3000 power conditioner for my Pioneer plasma and Directv HD satellite receiver in my home theater system. My HD picture just keeps getting better as the maestro outlet settles-in more!
Hi Hifi,

Thanks for your observation on this outlet. You just gave me an itch now to try this outlet. Will be interesting to see if it will boogie with my system as it is balanced now.

Best regards,

(UPDATE) I really did this review a little too soon because my system is still improving even more now...cleaner...more open...and more spacious sounding! I'm going to wait another week or two and do an update review on them then.
So where do you purchase them and what do they cost?
Sgr, you can buy these maestro outlets at or call Fernando Cruz at 954-239-2478 They cost $79 each
My maestro outlets are still improving more and more as the days go by now. I'm going to wait until they settle-in really good for 45 to 60 porter ports took about 40 days to sound their very best. I have been having a lot problems with my old computer lately and I'm hopping it will last a little longer because I don't have the money to get a new computer right now.
I'm sorry, but I'm skeptical, if only because I know how tedious it is to do all this "comparing", not to mention how nearly impossible it is to be objective, what with required burn in, vagarities in the AC supply, the need to have ALL the components there at the same time, changes in your attitude and hearing as the listening and comparing continues. And then of course there is the whole issue of system dependency. And lets face it: you really have to have a component - any component - in your system for a while and play a lot of music through it over a number of different sessions before you can really discover all of it's characteristics, both obvious and subtle. And further, the differences between one component or another often are subtle. And please: World's BEST! There goes your credibility, right out the window. Anyway, I don't mean to be critical, that's just my take on it. Perhaps you should tell us more about it's physical characteristics: how grippy it is, how heavy it is, what the build quality is like etc.
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Mikesmith, I use to be skeptical about ac outlets too about 10 years ago. I know now how very important good ac outlets are for your whole audio/video system. These maestro outlets are now on the same level as an major component upgrade...they are that good! My system sounds like a much higher priced system with these maestro outlets in my system now. The music just flows SO effortessly without strain now! The built quality of this maestro outlet is very very good and the grip on the plugs are very good too.. better an porter ports. The maestro outlet feels like it has a little more weight to them when compared to the porter ports too. These maestro outlets are now turning out to be a very special product !....
I been using these for 3 months now. I been very happy. I tried a lot of the other mentioned, I liked the porter ports better than anything I tried up to $145.00.

I like these Masetro even more, I would agree with what Hifisound guy says. These are nice outlets, affordable, and do a great job of taking your system up a notch.

I am not for hype of worlds best, but from what I have tried over the past 3 years these have bettered them all and some by a long shot that cost double the price.
Totally agree with Hifisoundguy and Phillyb. The Maestro outlet is the most accurate outlet I've heard to date. I've owned Jena Labs, Porter Ports, Teslaplex, Oyaide R1,
FIM880, Wattgate, Isoclean. I strongly recommend you should try these MAESTRO outlets so you can hear the full potential of your system. Also recommend you audition any of the Tripoint products as I believe they will change your perspective of what's possible from music reproduction.
I installed one a couple days ago. I'm going to let that settle in before I add the 2nd. There are 6 of these on the Spartan, but I cannot comment specifically on the outlet from that perspective. I'll report my findings in a short time.

I know that Miguel Alvarez was extremely picky and careful to listen to all outlets, easily available or otherwise. In his exhaustive search, this one was the most natural, clear, relaxed, and grain-free.

In any event, the price is such that most people can decide for themselves.
I have had my Maestro outlet for a day and within 1 minute I was hearing a significant improvement in depth of soundstage and separation of instruments I had not heard with my other outlets. About 20 hours in I noticed a balanced clarity without the overblown bass or top end you get with some others. Very nice and still breaking in. Compared to Oyaide R1 and GWO-XXX, Wattgate, PorterPort and Jena Labs.
Some of you that have maestro outlets might want to try my teflon tape on the ac prongs tweak, it took my maestro outlets to a whole new level !.. The power lines do vibrate A LOT and this tweak helps dampen those vibrations and lowers the noise floor. Here's some pictures on this teflon tape tweak here...
can you recommend the best neatral sounding port for 220volts power input as maestro is not available for 220v input
which the best neautral sounding port after maestro as maestro is not available in 220v power input,i am putting up a dedicated power line and was planning teslaplex port
I just wanted to add my voice and say that the Maestro outlet has a very, very positive effect on my music system. It was shipped the same day, arrived two days later, a solid unit. I spoke with Fernando once, and received a cordial welcome with lots of information regarding his views on the best setup for my system. Much appreciated! I recommend the product. Quite a surprise to the upside.

:) listening,

I just wanted to put a working link to Cruze First Audio's web site here...
(UPDATE) I changed my system lately, I now have some new Bose 901 series 6 version 2's that just came out a few months ago. I also have a new Yamaha a-s2000 integrated amp but I still have the same speaker cables and power cables. The one word that defines my system as a whole now is.."Musicality"!. I stoped analyzing my equipment and just listen to the music now. I get that "YOU ARE THERE FEELING" when I listen to music now!...everything sounds "SO SPOOKY REAL" now! The Maestro outlets are a very special product! They just let the music flow through without anything getting in the it should be ! As you get better equipment the Maestro outlets show you what they are made of ! NOW...WILL I EVER GET ANY SLEEP? !
{Update} I changed ALL my cables in my system to Crimson Musiclink of the very best bargain on the market right now.. WOW !
Why don't you post your current system with pictures on Audiogon?
Lak, I don't have a digital camera to post pictures.
{Update} I have been trying out some DNM interconnect cables with the HFTN upgrade, $500 for 1 meter and these cables are by far the best cables I have ever tried in my system ! My Crimson Musiclink cables sounded flat and life-less compared to these DNM cables ! The more I listen, the more I think this has to be a major breakthrough for interconnect cables !...
There's even a Electrical Engineer raving about these Maestro outlets, saying they made a BIG DIFFERENCE TOO..
I know some of you have been waiting for the 6moons review of these Maestro ac outlets and here it is...down this page a little..
I wish the Maestros were available in white. This will be a WAF problem, but I decided to give them a try.
Hifisoundguy (and other Maestro users), this afternoon I installed one of these outlets and gave it an initial listen. This one serves all my source gear, which is fed by a combination of Audience Adept and RSA conditioners. I'd like to find out what your initial impressions were of this outlet. Mine are only so-so. I know I need to put quite a bit more time on it, but my first listen was met with sound that was less dynamic, a bit less open, and overall more "polite" - especially in the bass. Looking to see if that matches what any of you others heard.
Tonyptony, these outlets need 300 to 400 hours break-in time to sound their best.
I agree with tonyptony. I wasn't overly impressed at first listen, same effect on my system that pretty much is only used for analog (graham, Benz, threshold, Teres 265, etc). .Gonna run this nonstop before my 30 day money back guarntee is up hoping for improvement. . will update my final decision. Will also be comparing to a porter port which is what I had in there before.
Cani80, I'll be very curious about your impressions as time moves along. I have to say actually that the sound is improving in my system. I've been running my gear non-stop since I installed the Maestro (the beauty of using it for source gear first). I think I have about 480 hours on it now.
Hello. I have been running it now not as long as you, but is say 200 hours. It seems to have opened up some, but when I go back to my old outlet (porter port), it just doesn't hold up. Sound just isn't as dynamic, a lot of the soundstage was lost . It's being tested from a dedicated line, plugged directly into source with black sand z1mk 2 powercords. Now not saying its a bad plug by any means, but I'm thinking maybe this one is more system dependant. Setup of mine now has been put together on me reading countless reviews from others experiences becuase its impossible to try everything. I've got a very neutral sound in my system now, which I think we all are tryin to achieve, that why I was excited to try the maestro thinking that by the review, it would give my system even more realism. I'm going to give it another day or so but I'm thinking if it doesn't improve, I'm gonna send it back. Im still keeping my hopes up :-)
I have been trying out a Audio Magic Nano-Liquid fuse in my Yamaha a-s2000 solid-state integrated amp and my amp sounds much better now...everything sounds very smooth and with a very tube-like mid-range !..

These fuses let you hear the Maestro ac outlet's full potential and are a perfect match for these Maestro outlets.

I have been trying out the new cover plates for my Maestro ac outlets from Cruze First Audio and these cover plates are by far the best I have ever tried...period !! These cover plates and Maestro ac outlets together let you hear.. "recorded music the way it was meant to be heard" !!

These cover plates are treated with the same RFI/EMI rejecting compuend used in the Maestro ac outlets !

I would like to get some feedback on these new cover plates from some of the Maestro ac outlet owners out there !

Hifisoundguy, your endorsement of both Audio Magic fuses and Maestro ac outlets lacks any comparative basis. If you are going to review, please give some reason why you should be believed.
Hifisoundguy do you own or work for cruzefirst?
Tpreaves NO, I DO NOT own or work for Cruze First Audio !
Higuy can not work for Cruz Audio as he spells Cruze wrong LOL
Tbg , All "REVIEWS" should be looked at as a Guide only because we all hear things differently and we all have different tastes !..
Its amazing that someone spends this much money and effort on outlets when his system is just mediocre at best. Let someone with a true high end system do these kind of evaluations, maybe I would be more interested in this product.

How do you know Higuy has a mediocre system?

Have you heard it?
I have the Maestro outlets and they are worth the T&E needed to install and hear how they can outrun the competition.

Is my system up to snuff Jwm?
Jwm , I now have a Yamaha a-s2000 integrated amp and matching CD Player, Crimson R.M. Music Link interconnects and speaker cables, Modified BOSE 901 series 6 MK2's.

I think I have a pretty Damn GOOD my EARS and that's ALL THAT MATTERS !..

I only wished they had these "Cover Plates" back when I first got my Maestro ac outlets...they are very addictive together !!..