Wiring a McIntosh dual-purpose system

Here's my dilemma: I've got some assorted McIntosh equipment that I'd like to wire for listen-only and A/V. I've got a C2200 pre-amp, a MC206 6-channel amp, and a MX130/MAC3 combo. Right now, the systems are in seperate rooms, but with a 4-year-old, I find that we're spending more time in the family room (used to be the listening room) watching movies. What can a guy do if your kid wants to hang out with you? Might as well treasure it and facilitate it if possible (when she turns 13 and ignores me, I'll get my listening room back).

I'd like to be able to use 2 of the 6 channels of power from the MC206 to run through my C2200 and listening system. I'd like to run the MAC3 in the pass-thru mode of the C2200 and use 5 channels to run my A/V. At some point, I'd even like to add a MC252 amp for the stereo, and then be able to switch over to the MAC3/MC206 for viewing. And I'd like to run them all off of 1 remote.

I've looked at all my owners manuals, and can't seem to find or figure out a cabling configuration. I'm pretty good with basic wiring, but I'm just not able to get my mind around this one. I think if I had another amp (MC252), this would be easier, but the cash flow just doesn't permit it at this point. Any help? Can I do what I want? Do I need to run the A/V system from Zone 2?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Front L & R pre-outs from C2200 to 2 channels on MC206, Front L & R pre-outs on MAC3 to input on c2200 designated in C2200 setup as passthru, Center & rear pre-outs on MAC3 to 3 channels on MC206, 12 volt trigger from power control out on MAC3 to passthru trigger in on C2200. The c2200 remote will operate the MAC3 but you must either turn the remote sensor on the MAC3 on or run another 'trigger' wire from the the control out on the C2200 input designated as passthru or the accessory out. If you use the sensor in the MAC3 you won't be able to turn the c2200 on & off with the remote but you can control everything else on the C220 with the remote (set up this way when you turn the power on with the remote the MAC3 will come on also and kick the C22000 into passthru mode.)
Just happen to have a C2200 & MAC3. It took me a while to figure it out also, hope it helped.