Wireless Assistance Please

I have a USB dac fed direct from my computer which is in turn connected directly to powered desktop speakers. I was running XP and sending music thru the program Airfoil to an Airport Express connected to my living room stereo and another to my garage stereo. This worked great for several years.

Recently I upgraded to Windows 7 and I get a lot of static whenever attempting to use Airfoil. The Rogue Amoeba folks who sell Airfoil can't seem to give me a solution. If I just play music direct thru the computer it sounds fine.

Would any of you have alternatives you could suggest for me to broadcast music wirelessly from my computer to a couple remote locations at a budget price ?

Thanks much in advance, Keith in Canton GA
how far away are the remote locations?
20 to 25 ft. Drywall in between. The Airport Express run through Airfoil worked great until I upgraded to Windows 7.