Wilson Maxx 2 Biamping?

This speakers have only a pair of binding posts in the back of the lower box. But also they have a pair of binding post marked as middle and another pair marked as highs in the back of the top box. This two additional pairs can be used to bi or triamping this speakers? I mean: the middle-high crossover are located on the top box or are in the low box of the speakers?
FWIW-I inquired with the same question a while back and was told NO by Wilson.
It had something to do with the crossover in their speakers and even though there are multiple binding posts the speaker will not operate properly when trying to bi-amp.
They recommended bridging two of the same amplifiers to mono as the alternative.
Thanks Apachef1, my friend have this speakers and a Audio Research VT100 and a MF kw750, and also serious problems in the bass response of the speakers in his room. For that we wanted to try to biamp (VT100 in highs and kw750 in bass) and apply some digital parametric equalization only to the bass using a digital filter. I'm sure that this amping setup will outperform the VT100 alone as he have now (little booming also).
Instead of the answer of Wilson, do you try to biamp?
I passed on buying the speaker. Give it a try, It sounded like the speaker will not play the entire frequency range if bi-amped
You could email Wilson and get a more defined answer, they respond quickly.
Carlesdg: you and your friend are nuts for running the Maxx 2 with two amps. You'll completely mess up evertything in the sound. Which, btw, they are among the best speakers anywhere. And void the warranty.

If you have a bass response issue with a maxx 2 you either have a super large/lossy room or more likely incorrect placement. Possibly even a out of phase wiring issue.

If they are perfectly placed and you still want more bottom end (like for home theatre), buy a wilson sub and retain all the dynamics, imaging, timing etc.

Sorry to be blunt, but this is mistake coming from a former Maxx 2 owner (now Maxx 3's). No way nice to say it...

The speakers simply are not made for that--at all. You would more than likely caused damage in trying and yes I did ask Wilson about that to confirm.

Adding a moveable outboard sub like the WatchDog to any Wilson system will solve even the most impossible room issues.
Jfrech and Samuel, why do you think that we want more bass? I never told this. We have measured the system and both channels show big peaks, due to room resonances, and a big dip in one of them. Also I'm pretty sure that the ARC VT100 cannot manage correctly the bass drivers and ad more boomy to the bass.

Please keep with you your opinions and offensive words. The Maxx2 are simply big speakers(not very impressive for me) and have the same than others: cabinets xovers and drivers. I'm asking if they can be biamped, and if not what are the technical reasons that make that a bad idea (serie xovers design, non linear phase as result, kind of damage to the drivers...) If the only reason is that the sound can be not good, we have t
I have a problem with my last message, following it should be:

...we have the knowledge and hardware to correct it. And the good or bad sound at this level is a matter of tastes.

I should add that the room is around 30 squared meters, irregular shape and very few possibilities to place this big speakers.
Nope can't bi-amp, Wilson does some super special stuff with the crossovers and everything has to play through the bottom jacks. So off for some monoblocks I go....