Wilson Audio Sophia II questions from Norway


I trust you all are well.

I will most likely buy a second hand pair of Sophias II. I would be very happy if you could let me know a few things about these models:

- Have there been any upgrades of the Sophia II, or are all of them identical?
- I will use Burmester electronics with them. How will this fit? I will also use a Basis 2200 turntable & Vector 4 arm with Ortofon pick up.
- For the time beeing I have to use them in a relatively small listening area; 14 x 14 feet (where the living room is 14 x 28 feet).

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks! Cheeers from Norway, Toffen G
You know, these are American loudspeakers done for folks who are driving cars with cabins that are bigger than average European rooms. Consequently, there is a likelihood that they really need rooms bigger than a normal European room. According to the Stereophile review they need to be pulled out 1.5 metres from the wall. I am not familiar with the Sophia, but yes with other wilson products. They really need space. If you don't give them the right space, they likely will be very boomy. Maybe, you can convert your flat to a loft-house. Without any internal separation you may have space to put them properly.
Sorry I disagree. The Sophia II will do wonderful in your room. I can't comment on your electronics, but I am sure they will be good to wonderful.

Please pay attention to the Wilson Audio Setup Procedure to the get the best to offer from them. If you have a local Wilson dealer, maybe pay them to set them up.

All Sophia II's are identicial other than color. Wilson has a history of wanting to make sure each speaker in a model run is identical...
I support Mr. Jfrech. I believe he gave you much more well rounded advice regarding the Wilson Sophia Series II. As he mentioned, be sure to pay close attention to the Wilson audio setup procedure to get the best to offer from these speakers.

Best of luck to you!