Wilson audio 3.2 speaker

I just brought Wilson audio 3.2 speaker and Mark Levinsion 23 dual mono amp. I am out of money so I used pre-amp Audio Increable Module 2. Somehow ML Amp doesn't have RCA connector and preamp doesn't have XRL connectors. I am trying to order camac/RCA to connnect preapm and amp. First, I tried to buy XRL/RCA. Sounds are very soft not loud with speaker even I turn almost end of the volume. I think maybe the connector. I do not know that camac/RCA does have the problem as XRL/RCA. Please advice me. I maybe think about buy Makr Levinsion preamp but can't affort now. Is this true that MK 23 can not handle Wilson audio 3.2 or my connectors are wrong?
If you mean Audible Illusions Model 2 preamp then you need to flip the + and - speaker ends on the Speaker Side (not the amp side) as it inverts polarity. This would cause a lean or sucking out of the vocals/mids. Also the input impedence on the XLR inputs is higher than the Audible outputs so once you get the adapter you should get more output from the amp.
XLR is 110ohm and RCA is 50ohm.

Someone else will clean up/correct my responce but the concept is correct.
Thanks for your infor on xlr is 100ohm and rca 50ohm. I think that I put correct + and - speaker cables. But how about camac/rca? Which one is my best choice? XLR or camac convert to RCA.
I think you need the carmac to RCA (call or email Levinson) to get the right impedence. You said the XLR to RCA is too soft.
For best sound, a balance (XLR) operation is preferred. But if you going to use single-ended (RCA), you need Camac to RCA connectors. Futhermore, shorting straps are required to run in single-ended mode.
Download the operation manual from Mark Levinson web site, it will show you how to connect. Don't even try until you have a clear understanding about the amp. I mean shipping a 120lb box back to the manufaturer is not fun.
No.23 and Wilson is a good match. The problem you have is the SHORTING STRAPS. Good luck.
Thanks for your infor. I think I will use camac/rca but 6chac said my problem is shorting straps. I do not have them when I buy. Any idea to buy or to get them with reasonable price.
Tuha612, is wire cloth hanger ring any bell? :-) At least, while you wait for ordering...
From my expience, I've had a setup of Adcom GTP-750-> XLR-> ML 23.5->Watt3/Puppy2 with very good performance.
Running XLR interconnector usually gives more detail which is a plus when you have good speakers like the Watt/Puppy.
For shorting straps, I can use any coper to wire. One question, which one is best price speaker cable for Wilson audio speaker? I am using MIT T2.