Will Naim Nap200 be sufficient for my Magico V2

I'm planning on using the Naim nap200 (70w 8ohm) with my magico V2. Anyone ha experience with magico paired with naim? Will naim provide enough power or should I be looking else where for amplifiers? (as I've heard that magico are extremely power hungry). Anything helps, thank you!!
G - Unfortunately, i do not know Naim despite its excellent reputation. i flipped thru some of the info on the Naim...good amp. Enuf current? for some reasons, my instincts say you may wish to double check first...

Magico are power hungry and they respond well to high quality high current amps. They have moderate efficiency so watts will be helpful in terms of volume...but regardless of watts, look for high quality power supplies and lots, lots, lots of current...to ensure whatever watts you are playing at can continuously drive the signal at that volume without any problems.

Would much prefer Vitus 50watts Class A amp with SOTA power supply to a higher wattage amp that konked out from the demands of the Magico.

Good luck and pls keep us posted!
Check Naim forum, a few use Magico and love them but with a Nap 250 or 300 which has more power.
I would give them more power than what the Naims can provide. Vitus, Boulder, Soulution, Krell would be my shortlist of amps for the Magicos.