Will Benchmark DAC 1 improve Karik?

If anybody would like to make a prediction on whether or not the Benchmark DAC 1 will outperform my standalone Linn Karik (ca 1996), please let me know. I'm seriously considering this "upgrade".

Yes, the DAC 1 certainly improved my Karik III (ca1997)....I recently purchased a Linn Ikemi and this is superior imo to
the DAC1 +Karik III.
thanks markanthony. Worth the money then?
Definetly worth the money , not only is it a great dac but also a very good pre-amp, if digital is your only source you can connect it directly to your power amp .
The headphone section is also very good , I believe it slightly outperforms my Emmeline XP7 dedicated head amp
Thanks again Markanthony. I'll be receiving it on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes.