Will a Vandersteen 5,play in a 11x18, room help

Hello I got a pair of ESP, Harpe speaker, would like to up grade, to vand 5, room could be to small, thank, johnj
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I have a 12 x 14 listening room with the Vandersteen Model Fives. I had some problems with bass boom at first. After finding the correct placement and adjusting the subwoofers(I used a Rives test cd and a Radio Shack sound pressure meter) it corrected the problem. It will take some time by trial and error but the end result is well worth it. They are exceptional speakers and your dealer or Vandersteen can walk you through the setup.
Call up Richard and talk to him personally. One of the truly great assets of this speaker is that you can fine-tune the low frequency output, which is were you run into the majority of problems with room nodes, etc... Sean
The Rec and Sean posts (above) are right on. I have the Vandersteen 5s in a 14 X 22 room, and while it's a bit larger than yours, speaker location and tuning were keys to getting the bass right. Of course one of the main the strengths of the Vand. 5s is their highly tunable bass.

The Vandersteen owners manual gives excellent location and set-up directions/suggestions, but do as Sean suggests and call Vandersteen Audio. Good Luck and Cheers. Craig
Thanks, Guys, this has been,a great help,my buddy room is 15x20,I used to thank he had to much base,after he got his base,adjusted, what a turn around,that when I got the idea I could look, these,speaker for my on room.