Will 33h drive Confidence 5?

Will Levinson 33h adequately drive Dynaudio Confidence 5 in 15x30x8 room?
I don't see why not (Is it not like 300 wpc into 4 ohms?) Unless you need to listen at over 105 dB in the seat (nobody needs to do that). I'd love to try some Confindence 5's. I have the Esotar midranges, and am designing speakers that will use them. The most perfect midrange reproducer in existence!
I wish to purchase a pair of 33H mono blocks. Interested in selling??? Please email bagwellgcb@aol.com
Bagwell...I don't have a pair, trying to decide whether to buy 33h's or 336 for my Confidence 5's...Carl, thanks for your thoughts....they are 300 at 4 ohms, but I've heard from some the 5's need more than that...looking for advice from those who have or have heard the combination....thanks..
OK, no problem. If you're in the southeast, I'd love to hear those C-5's sometime. They couldn't ever be anything but killer! The midrange is essentially the equal of life itself, with the tweeter being amost as good. (I feel the mid is better than the best esl's)....My project will use more woofers, and the Dynaudio 3/4 inch dome tweeter (not that it's equal to the T330D, but it's right up there, at least above 5.5 kHz). Also steeper filter slopes. I'm waiting on perhaps THE most prominant crossover designer to do the filter design. One day someone might even manufacture this thing, I hope...unless the highend really does collapse in the next few years, and doesn't rebound...