Why so many DK Design integrated amps for sale ?

Just wondering why so many of these units are currently for sale on Audiogon...Is it A) They sold so many that this represents a normal ''turnover'' on the used market, or B) People have some issues with it (size, sound, features..) What do you think?

Just for the sake of discussion, I own a Cayin TA-30 amplifier. I understand they sold hundreds, yet are somewhat scarce on the used market, as audiophiles just keep'em.

I will be looking at some integrated amps soon as I will need more power (minimum 150 watts/channel) and may be forced to part with my Cayin TA-30 soon, a stunning unit for the price.

Your input would be appreciated!
I believe there's already a long thread on this if you search the archives. There are many threads on DK design in general so you have days of reading ahead of you. I'm in a similar boat in terms of high powered integrated amps, so email me if you have any questions or want to talk shop.