Why my DAC will not work with the Mus. Fid. V-Link

I have a wonderful Museatex Bidat, and I just purchased a Musical Fidelity V-Link (earlier black box version). I have not been able to make the Bidat lock on the signal, the V-link works well with an inexpensive DAC I purchased on ebay, but I want to use my better converter, would anyone know what the problem is?
I'll appreciate any input.
Thanks so much
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See if it locks at 16 bit 44.1kHz.

I suspect it's a NOS DAC.
Not sure I understand, I cannot define how it locks, it does it on its own, it's an old DAC I bought over ten years ago, it was updated then.
I tried everything with no results.
Thanks for your help
Even though S/PDIF is a specification, there are lots of implementations of both the driver and receiver. I have seen a lot of different ones having modded transports and DACs for about 10 years.

Some of these are finicky I have found. You may just have a finiky receiver on the Bidat, or the output on the V-link does not meet specs.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio

When I had a V-link in my system, using a Mac, it would output 96khz if not "told otherwise". I don't know if the same is true for a PC. However, if your DAC is limited to incoming signals at 41/48khz, this could be the problem. I am sure someone else could tell you how to restrict or not upsample the signal from the v-link in windows, if this is the problem.

The OS or music player probably set the VLink to run at its highest spec which is usually 24/192 or 24/96.

The DAC spec says it only read 16 or 20 bits.

So try using the OS/player to set the output to 16/44
Thanks so much guys for your valuable input, it makes me understand a bit more about this issue, unfortunately I do not really know how to change the output to 16/44, I have a Mac computer.
Thanks again
Are you using any custom player like Audirvana or Amarra or Pure Music?

If you are using iTunes:

Look for Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup

It should look like the screenshot below, except you should have the VLink in the list. Click on the VLink icon


On the right, you can set the output bitrate and sample rate. Set them to 2ch 16-bit integer and format at 44100Hz
Thanks so much, You're a genius.
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Glad I could help.