Why does my ARCAM say "over"?

I have an Arcam 73 CD player. On a few of my CD's (usually newer ones, and usually Sony), the word "over" illuminates on the panel (just below the LED light for "cd text"). The manual makes no mention of it. Does anyone know what this means/signifies about the CD? Tks!

Just a guess...

Perhaps the new cd's offending your player have copyright protection on them, and are unreadable by your player... your player is reading "over" in which may be Arcam's way of informing the user the cd player thinks the disc is inserted upside down and should be turned over.

I had issues with my old Electrocompaniet EMC-1UPSE reading some of the newer copyrighted cds- which is what made me think along these lines.
I have an older modified NAD cd player and when "over" illuminates on my player, it means that there are more than "15" tracks on that particular disc. I imagine yours is telling you the same thing. Double check the CD you're listening to next time it comes on to see how many tracks are on it.
I think Audiofankj has it right. I'm guessing that the CDs that are giving you trouble are multi-format types, possibly dual-disc. Your CD player is trying to read TOC on the disc and can't read it. Your player is smart enough to know that there is a disc inserted, but since it can't read the disc, it thinks you need to turn it over. My Resolution Audio Opus 21 won't read the one dual disc CD that I own (Snow Patrol).


Bacs68 - you hit the nail on the head. However, for the Arcam, it appears that 20 is the magic number. That is, if the disk has more than 20 tracks, the panel displays "over". Tks for the answer.