Whole house powerline noise solution?

I'm working with a friend who seems to have SEVERE noise on her powerline. I discovered this will tyring to install some home automation bits, but I'm also helping her upgrade her home theater.

Preliminary testing indcates the source is outside the house. Does anyone know of a whole house powerline noise reduction solution?


Without more info, I don't really know what you are having problems with but it sounds like this http://powergy.com/products.aspx would help you. I use one and it seems to be great.

Good Luck
Where did you purchased you unit...Direct or are there dealers located in different states..What was the price?The web site didn't show pricing.
is in the business of industrial and residential power
correction and filtration.

I use an EP-2050 whole house filter. $650, plus installation.

BTW, mentioning Environmental Potentials has proven to be a guaranteed
thread killer... no idea why :)
Are you sure it is not a ground loop from the cable box or powered sub?

I got it direct. Price is a bit higher then most of the competitors..It's about $900 but look at the specs. For the money you can't beat it IMO. It also has power factor correction. You must really look into the specs on these as they all do the same thing but it's a matter of how much they do.

Good Luck-
Quantum Corp. ElectraClear line purifiers in various outlets around the house AND/OR Magnan Audio DIY scheme of plug-in capacitor banks in various outlets around the house. Inexpensive and effective solutions.