Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?

I like Paul Chambers for his groove and arco. Sam Jones for his Time. Rufus Reid becaues he taught me. Jaco because of the absolute passion. Christian McBride because he's the MAN righ now--and he's the director of the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific, which is my Alma Mater; Ron Carter because of everything he's recorded; George Maraz because of his soul; Richard Davis because of his intensiity; Reggie Workman due to his authenticity; Lonnie Plaxico because of his work with he Jazz Messengers; Scott LaFaro--BECAUSE HE'S THE BEST! (Eddie Gomez and Chuck Isreal are cool, too!). Who're you 'un?
Oops. When you mentioned "Rufus Reid's playalong books," I just assumed that you were referring to TEB. Mea culpa! But, yeah, I know all--too-well about scale and arpeggio practice, especially in D flat!
Easy. Les Claypool, Ron Carter, Stanley Clarke, Tony Levin.
How 'Bout Bootsy?

The old P-Funk tracks are something else. ''Flashlight'' goes into my guilty pleasure pile.
Marcus Miller
Max Bennett
Goose bumps at every note. Signature style playing.