Who out there is using the KAV-250a or KAV-250a/3?

This is my first foray into the world of high end audio. I want to learn more about the system I've built and the paths to better my sound using these amps. I currently have both the 2-ch and 3-ch amps to drive my HT. I'm using these amps matched with a Krell HTS(5.1 version) and a Thiel array of 3.6's front and rear with an MCS1 center channel. I'm using a Sunfire True Sub Signature subwoofer.

My long term vision for this system, if SACD survives as a format, is a dedicated multi-channel playback system that can do HT as well.

My question pertains to what speakers others have used with these particular amps?
Would I be better off with the Thiel 3.6's driven by say KMA-160's, or another amp that could handle their power hungry nature? I'm open to some real suggestions for possible amp combinations with the Thiel 3.6's. Another possibility I'm mulling is going in a completely different direction with my speakers.

Shall we say the bug has bitten me and it has drawn blood...

I used a KAV-250 to drive VonSchweikert VR-3's, a speaker requiring some power and control to sound its best. It handled the job admirably but also showed me Krell was not the sound I was seeking. Great bass and accurate reproduction but the life in the music seemed to be missing. Clinical and uninvolving to me. It was no better to me in driving B&W Matrix 802's. Again control, detail, bass but no involvment.

I liked the McCormack DNA-1 much better with both speakers in terms of adding some emotion to the music and still retaining power and control of hard to drive speakers.

Then I went to tubes and have not looked back as SS amps.