Who is using a Sony SCD-1 or 777ES as a transport?

I am looking for people with direct experience with using the Sony's as a transport with AA, Audiomeca, Levinson, Electrocompaniet DACs, etc., especially if you have compared them to these any of the top of the line CDPs. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I'm using my SCD-1 as a transport for "redbook"...feeding an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC via the Illuminations D-60 cable. The SCD-1 is a very fine transport, and the ECD-1 achieves great synergy with it. It's a considerable improvement over the SCD-1's "redbook" playback, and often rivals SACD playback.

Highly recommended.
I use SONY SCD-777ES as CD transport to a Theta Gen III DAC with Illuminati D-60 as digital cable. I get a very good, revealing, transparent sound. I am seeking tweaks to warm it up a tad. Any ideas? Other digital cable recommendations?
I use the sony scd-777es with the audiomeca enkianthus x as a dac. Couldn't be happier - most of the time I forget about the sacd side of things and am still going through my cd library discovering nuances that simply were not present without the dac/upsampling. I do however, ponder if the sony is good enough for the dac.