Who is selling Musical Fidelity Now ?

I talked to Audio Advisor today and they are no longer selling musical Fidelity gear. Does anyone know who is the US dealer now and is there a way to mail order it ?

I think Audio Connection in Verona, New Jersey sells them.

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I read in Stereophile that the company is currently trying to establish a dealer network. You may see many more dealers in the near future begin to carry the M.F. gear.
Upscale Audio is carrying the line also.
Thank God Galen Carol in Texas is carrying MF, I love this dealer and have bought several small things from him, he will now get the lionshare of my budget. I have owned MF gear since 1984, and will continue to buy as long as they make outstanding products at real world price points. I am thrilled with this development, also GC has good prices.

Now why was Audio Advisor dropped as dealer? Seems that even if MF wanted multiple outlets they would like to keep AA.
AA and MF probably couldn't come to terms regarding using multiple dealers / distributors, etc... Even though AA does offer a 30 day trial ( which is EXCELLENT in my book ), they basically sell at or very near list price on most items. Now others will have the same product line AND offer discounts on it. AA probably wouldn't have minded TOO much if it was just a few sparcely located dealers, but i think that MF wants nationwide coverage. Losing the monopoly on a lucrative line like MF will probably hurt AA quite a bit. Could be a good or bad move for MF, but i guess we'll have to wait and see. I know one thing though. I don't expect to see near as many MF reviews or "comments / plugs" in Stereophile now. What will Sam Tellig do ???? Start writing about Roksan gear ??? Sean
Has anyone actually confirmed that AA is not selling MF gear? A visit to their web site shows products for sale and no statement concerning a change in MF line. Also, I thought that AA was a partner with MF in establishing a nationwide distributorship.
As I said in my original message, I spoke to AA and they said they are no longer a dealer.
They are still selling their current stock as an authorized dealer, but nothing new will be coming in.
It is my understanding that Audio Advisor is now acting as the U.S. distributor for MF gear. As such, if they were to continued selling it retail they would be competing with the very dealers that they have signed on to now represent the line. This is actually an expansion of the relationship AA has with MF, and should lead to increased sales for both parties.
It lost my sale!! I had a MF phono stage on order since May at AA. Two weeks ago I called on the order status and was told that they are not handling MF anymore. They did not call me?? I bought another phono stage here on Audiogon.
Thanks Fineberg for the heads up! I just got the latest Audio Advisor catalog in the mail today and there is no mention of them giving up the line the line. I also agree with one one the previous posters as I would rather deal with Galen Carol also. Great guy and great dealer!
Anthony Michaelson has released new high end MF CDP using nuvistors,choke regulated and looks very similar to M3 super integrated. Only 500 available and 100 are pre-sold, check out this beast:


You're right. I misread your post. Anyway, I emailed AA and received this response from Corey, the sales manager:

"We will not be distributing Musical Fidelity any longer. As to whether or not we sell the product remains to be seen. For the short term we have no intention of selling the product, but time will tell. It has nothing to do with the quality of the Musical Fidelity product, just the quality of the relationship."

It's too bad, because AA has that great 30 day return policy.
I think that Musical Fidelity wanted people to SEE the gear. And I don't blame them. While the gear looked nice enough in the catalogue pictures, you could not get a sense of how heavy and well built it is. I would not have guessed it until I saw it in person. I have taken the lid off most every product to show that on our website.

I will say the folks at Audio Advisor are pretty nice. Wayne and Tom are super. But things change.
I know Audio Connection is selling Musical Fidelity.
I will miss my buddy Joe at AA. My M3 integrated is INCREDIBLE! Anybody know about the new CDP?
The first one just arrived at the importer, and is for show. More will follow...we have deposits on three of them. If it is anything like the integrated is will be a stunner.

The integrated amps...all of them...are something to behold. I was demoing the small one on Avantgarde Duos and it was such a hoot to see how much you can get for the money. And the fit and finish are like that of a Rolex. Or maybe a Patek?