Who has a symmetrical music room

And how important is it to musical satisfaction ?
There is nothing more important than having very good room acoustics. Having a symmetrical room should help unless it's a square room.

My room needs a bit of help. That's why I went with Lyngdorf's DPA-l digital preamp with room correction. It's become the heart of my system and my favorite component. It has basically taken a so-so room and turned it into and extremely good sounding room. Needless to say, the sound of the system benefits greatly.
There is no symmetry in my room at all, so I have the speakers and my listening chair well away from any walls and use room treatments on the walls and heavy drapes on the windows. I sometimes feel there's still a bit of asymmetry in the soundstage, but it's pretty even and satisfying.
My current room is symmetrical, but a previous room was asymmetrical with knee-walls and dormers, and if not for the dormers, nearly square. All it needed was a .5 dB balance adjustment between the left & right channels.