Which Used CD Player for Under $1,500?

I have narrowed my choices to the following:

Arcam FMJ CD23
Musical Fidelity A-3.2
Cary CD-303-100
Cary CD-308T
Shanling CD-T100

Which would you select and why? Open to other suggestions.


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I would add the Quad 99 CDP (not the older Quad 99) to your list. $1495 new and about $850-1000 used. It can be used CD direct saving you big money on a pre-amp (if you have a single source system) and it has 6 additional digital inputs, so its 24bit/192khz DAC can be used with other digital sources you may have (DVD player, digital cable box, etc).

I've owned lots of high end CD players and the Quad is probably the best value of the bunch.



What is an Equinox and how much does it cost? Does it have variable volume control and digital inputs like the Quad?