which two zone rcvrs for HT don't req. extnl amp?

Hope you can help, I am looking for a HT receiver in which I can operate two zones without the need to purchase another amplifer to run the second zone. Thus far I am only aware of Arcam, B&K, and Rotel units that have this capability; however, cost is prohibited. Any other models out there that have this capability at lower cost?
I think alot of 7 channel recievers can be configured for 5.1 in zone 1 then 2 channel in remote zone, Onkyo, Dennon, even Sony should be able to do this and for pretty cheap.
Yamaha has several models that do that. I know the 5990 will and there are several others too.
Iam down to two choices: Onkyo tx-sr804 or Marantz sr5001???
my Onkyo TX-NR900 will give you 5.1 plus a second zone ... older but more powerful than what you are looking at with Internet cxn / internet radio ... I'm in the early stages of evaluating replacement gear ...