which turntable to buy for $1500 best value ?

i have a rega p2 hooked up to an arcam fmj a18. i want to take a considerable jump with my tt. i am considering marantz 15s1 but wonder with the great cartridge it comes with, is that what i am basicly paying for or does the table belong in that price range. other possibilities are the concept, used p5, used scout [heard they were tricky to set up] or possibly a rp6 which would break me for a while.

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Rega P3-24, TTPSU and Dynavector 10x5 should mop the floor with your P2. The P3-24 with TTPSU sounds better than the P5 without it to my ears. Then again, you could get a P5 and add the TTPSU when funds recover.

Haven't heard the RP series to comment.