Which Tube Amp is best for NeoSoul

I wonder if there is anyone who has tried Decware TorII 25 watts Tube amp and the Ayon Spirit (I believe thats the one)? I currently have Decware Phono Pre, Oracle Paris (older version)Turntable, RB250 Arm, and Grado Gold Cartridge. Decware Radials ERR I think at 93 0r 94db. Mapleshade wire throughout. I have the Decare Integrated SET with the Hazen Grid Mod. 6 watts is not enough for me. I think I will need 25 watts or more. I changed amps already and put a Canadian Manufacturer Push Pull it is fine but the lushes/Sweet went away. Budget is $3000-$4000. But I don't have to go that high if not need be. If I can find magic at $75 That would be great.

Music taste: Neo-Soul, R&B = Maxwell, India Arie, Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Sade etc. Some Jazz, Coltrane, Miles etc.

I like warm emotionally moving sound with some punch. 90% LP's. 10% Cd's.