Which Record Clamp & Mat for a Garrard 301

Any ideals out there for which Which Record Clamp & Mat works best for a Garrard 301.
or which combo works best with the Garrard 301.

I am willing to hear any experienced garrard owners.
At any price, but would rather go for the best sonic than price!

I use a Herbie's Way Excellent II Deluxe mat on my 401 - it was quite an improvement vs. the stock Garrard mat. Also, I tried a clamp, but preferred the sound without one. Good luck...

I tried the Herbies Way Excellent, the Thornes Mat, SDS Isoplat Mat, the Millennium Mat, and the Boston Audio Mat 1.

In your system I would start with the Boston Mat, I think it would be a very good match, and a great start.

Your Harbeth speakers and system have a similar tonal balance to my system and speakers which are ATC. The Boston was the clear match for MY system.
I negelected to mention I listened to all these mats on a Garrard 301.

Regarding Clamps, I prefer no clamp.

I have tried several, the only clamp I thought was the equal to no clamp was the Shun Mook.