Which Preamp Euphoria or Modwright

I'm looking to upgrade my preamp, the Luminous Audio Axiom passive. My past two preamps were the volume controls of a Theta Miles and Quad CDP 99 CD players. The little Axiom was a significant upgrade. I really find no fault in its sound. I just assume that the other units mentioned maybe a further upgrade. I also want to try a subwoofer and don't think I can do this with the Axiom.

I tried the BAT VK 3i but it was too veiled. Once you hear the transperency of a passive approach you can't go back.

Budget is $1500.00 and under.

Current System

BAT VK-200, PS Audio Lab II power cord into wall
Axiom Pre
Jolida 100 w/NOS tubes, Signal Digital power cord intoPS Audio UPC 200
Tyler F2 floorstanders with Signal Ultra cables
I've owned both the Sonic Euphoria and currently use the Modwright 9.0SE. The Sonic Euphoria is very good but I consider the Modwright a clear step-up. Most amps like a little gain which was the case with my Quicksilver V4s. The midrange is fleshed out better with the Modwright and the bottom a little more authoritive. However, and this is a big however, you must use a very good power cord with the Modwright or it too will sound veiled. When you figure in the cost of a new power cord the price will be significantly more than the Sonic Euphoria. Frankly, I wouldn't use the PS Audio Lab II on the Modwright since I doubt you would be happy. The BlackSand Silver MK V or VH Audio Flavor 4 are excellent choices with the Modwright.