Which Krell preamplifier?

I'm currently looking for a matching preamplifier for my Krell KSA200B power amp and I came across the KSP-7B and the KRC-3 and I really can't choose.
I have no idea about how they sound, so I made a list of pros and cons:

KSP7B pros:
+Matching design
+Seems better built(?)
+Cheap (for a Krell of course)

-Old, may need recap
-No remote

KRC-3 pros
+Latest version
+Includes packaging, remote, etc.
+Remote possibility

-Looks not as good built as the KSP7B
-Almost twice as expensive as the 7B

Any help is appreciated! ;-)
The 3 will sound better, more open, more detail, better dynamics, etc. but he 7B has a phono I think. I used to own both and now have a Phantom III which replaced my KRC-HR (which was definitely better than the KRC3).

Good listening,
Thank you Mike, I was considering the KRC3 and the KSP-7B but if the KRC3 really is a better preamp and not only by a small margin, I will go for the KRC3.
The HR is beautiful but way out of my budget as it costs twice as much as the KRC3.

I never used a turntable in my setup so a phono input is not necessary.