which is better for home theater

theta monoblock(citadel),mcintosh 1201,pass lab 600. currently for aerial acoustic 10T but hope to change to 20T or possibly dynaudio temptation. any advice.
None of them,

All of them unnecessarily expensive. Like having a 600hp Honda Civic, a silly novelty.

You won't need all that power, you could easily slide down the same lines and maintain the same quality.

Aerial 20T's are bad for home theater because there is no center channel to match, which should be a "no deal" situation, unless you intend to buy 3 20T's which would be a possibility if you choose to not overspend on the amplifiers. The CJ 350 did a great job on the 20T's, easily equaled much more expensive spectral and McIntosh, no way any of the amps you listed are going to make your system better than adding another 20T as the center and using 350's. (biamp center)

Dynaudio is a much better surround solution because Aerial doesn't get it. How hard is it to make matching rears and a center channel?

So if you revamp with Dynaudio go for it, Gryphon, YBA are better matches for the Dyn's than the ones you listed.

BTW I'm for getting a Meridian, the Theta is disappointingly unsophisticated for surround music, and important setup parameters. Control Software means more than the DAC's in a prepro.

I am using Bel Canto Eone 1000's and I like them as least as much as my old Pass X350, and are a tiny box that generates no heat. Six Moons just posted a review as well, and I think they liked them as much as I do. Just my two cents.
Hi Kenbo , I own the 10 and 20 t in a single multichannel theatre - music system . The 20 s dip pretty low in nominal ohm load so a beefy stable amp is best for driving them . The Citadel would be a workhorse and could be the ticket and the Pass could as well. I am not familiar with the 1201 . I use 2 Bat 6200 s drivuing 2 200 w modules to every speaker in the system and it does pretty well. The 20 t is a fabulous speaker and is far superior to the 10 . The 10 is an easier load and great for the money and awesome for Theatre . It does sound really good ... till you hear the 20 next to it. The 20 is revealing of downstream components , all the way to the pc. The 20 needs gobs of clean power so run dedicated lines if you dont have them .