Which is best, Wilson Watt Puppy 3's or Aerial 7bs

I would like to hear peoples idea's about the older Wilson Watt Puppy 3's and the Aerial 7b's or 10t's....They are all in the same price range. I would like to use these with a Audio Research VT-100 tube power amp...But I need some help from the Audiogon people, What do you think ?
The Wilson & Aerial is different sounding.

the Wilson is fast ,greater dynamics and impactful sound and the Aerial is warm and more relaxing presentation.

The Wilson need very patients of speaker placement to avoid some of the booming sound from the mid low bass frequency which occurs on watt 3, 5,& 5.1 as well.

For the Aerial is much more easy going,for both sound and setting.

Watt Puppy 3s work well with a lot of amps. I used the pair in a small size room (13' X 14') and did not experience the boomy issue that Mark@cello mentioned before. I cannot comment on the Aerials because I never auditioned a pair.

The Watt Puppies, even with the 10 year old 3s, reproduce the realism of live music much better than most other speakers can. The build quality is also second to none. I owned a pair of 3s for 2 years and they brought so much enjoyment until I sold them to finance my MBA studies. I look forward to the day I can own a pair again.

Feel free to contact me for more details about the Watt Puppy 3s.

I disagree completely with the characteristic of the Aerial 7B being warm, relaxed and easy going. I found the Aerial 7B to be bright and lean in the bass. Anything but relaxed and easy going. But, different system...different ears.