Which is best Simaudio W-5 or Blue Circle BC 26?

I would like your thoughts if anyone has compared these two amps with each other. My preamp is a Herron VTSP-1A and need some help. Thanks!
It is matter of taste. These two amps are Soundstage's favorites in this class (Reviewers Choice).



Has anyone compared these head-to-head? I am also very interested in these amps. Thanks.
I have done an A/B on these very amps - I wound up buying the Blue Circle. In my mind it was just a bit better than the W-5 in every way. BUT, both are fine amps, and you would be well advised to audition both of them; your ears may tell you a different story than mine did. Also, I don't know your pre amp very well at all. It may or may not make a big difference.