Which integrateds have the best preamp section?

I've been reading "The Complete Guide to High-End Audio" by Robert Harley, and he places emphasis on the significance of a high quality preamp in getting the best sound. In my search for an integrated to drive my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors, I'm curious which integrated amps have the reputation for having the finest preamp sections. Any opinions?
-Bob R
The integrated ones in most cases have already the best preamp section only to itself so your task realy simplifies in finding the right integrated amplifier.
IMHO, for the "best" pre-amp sections of integrated amps that I have listened to: in the tubed category: McIntosh MC 2275, the BAT VK300xSE, and any of the Jadis DA series. In the solid state category: I like the YBA Integra DT. I am sure there are lots of others to audition.
Jeff Rowland Design Group Concentra II or Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300. I have owned both of these very fine units. Warm, quiet and lots of power in the output stage. They are also very easy to look at (high WAF). I'm currenly using the Tri-Vista but could go back to the Rowland in a heart beat.
Plinius 8200II is simply amazing how well it compares to other gear INCLUDING tube gear. I didn't really realize how good it was until I switched back to tubes. I still have it and may sell the tube gear and keep the 8200II
Blue Circle
Conrad Johnson CAV 50 which essentially has no gain in the preamp stage. This is by far one of the finest integrateds ever made. Too bad CJ discontinued it. But they can be found used.
The pre-amp. section of the Krell KAV-400xi has received much praise in the press. I'm considering bi-amping mine with a KAV-2250 into a pair of B&W 803D.
Everyone--Thanks for your responses.

-Bob R