Which EL84s for Lectron JH30 integrated amp?

I recently purchased this French-made hybrid integrated and I'm trying to figure out which EL84s will work best in it (it takes 8). It's a unit that is not often seen in the U. S. and I find that there's scant info about it. Since I don't speak French I'm hesitant to write to Lectron and ask them, but if anyone knows which EL84s come with it when new that would be a good jumping off place. Or, if you have one and have settled the tube issue for yourself please let me know your findings.

With thanks,
Brimar EL84's if you can find them, Sylvania Black Plate are very good, The amp was originally voiced with Tesla 6BQ5 tubes and will sound good with them too, if slightly cooler sounding.

Ndoshi, many thanks for your reponse. I thought I might not get any responses, which is understandable given the small numbers of these amps in the U. S. I will have to look for some Brimars. Currently I'm burning in some new Ei's and some new Valve Arts to replace the well used Sovtek EL84Ms that came to me with the amp (but which still sound nice to me).

Again, a big thanks for helping me out on this one.

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