Which DVD/CD solution?

I have recently sold my Naim CDX to switch to a Squeezebox/DAC setup. For my DVD player, I've been using a Pioneer Elite DV-C36. (Wife wanted the changer for music while entertaining at the time we bought it...before the days of ipod and now a music server)

Now that I have removed a dedicated CD player, I would like to upgrade the DVD player to provide audiophile quality CD playback when I'm not using the music server.

I have found several units on here and am not sure which way to go. My TV is 720p native and I would likely continue to use the component input.

The units I'm considering all have silver face-plates and include the Lexicon RT 10, RT 20, Cary DVD 7, Krell Showcase DVD, Denon 3910, the Oppo 970 and the Arcam FMJ units.

I would greatly appreciate your input and help with this decision and perhaps recommendations for units I haven't mentioned.

I've heard nothing but folks raving about the Oppo DVD/CD player products. What did you want to spend and are you set on purchasing a preowned component or brand new? Marantz and NAD have some decent models for the price.
looking for preowned and will spend up to $2500. I'd love to go with the Marantz DV9600 or the DV7001 but Marantz USA has decided that we only need the cheesy black and gold color combo.

I forgot to add Meridian to my list as well.