Which DAC for my HP mini?

Hi all,
Looking for some rec's for an affordable DAC to interface my HP mini Laptop to my system. Budget is around $400.00
Thanks for the help
Musical Fidelity V-DAC.
Whatever you do, be sure to buy a dac(s) that can be auditioned and returned if not to your liking. The HRT Streamer II+ deserves a listen.
Schiit Audio Bifrost
MHDT Havana
DAC Magic plus
Yulong D100
HRT Music Streamer II+
All have their strengths and weaknesses, read up alot of bang for the buck.
HRT streamers get powered by the USB interface and are notorious for clipping / dropout problems at 96 kHz / 24 bit. Be aware that most people will need an externally powered USB hub and/or a PCI USB expansion card (motherboard bandwidth for on-board ports is variable but can be quite crappy even on high end boards). In my case I needed both for optimal sound without clipping at 96/24.